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annoyingQuick Reference when working on a website

These are quick queries I sometimes have  because they don't come up all the time, so I forget how to fix them. I will add to the list when they occur - or turn this into a sub-category of Q&A. perhaps I should add each one as its own post...

...continue reading "Annoying things to overcome in WordPress"

When updating Wordpress to a Full revision update, it could break your site. Take these steps beforehand to upgrade safely and avoid problems.

Steps to Update WordPress SafelyBefore Updating

When updating to Full revision Updates the upgrade process will affect all files and folders included in the main WordPress installation. This includes all the core files used to run WordPress. ...continue reading "Steps to Update WordPress To The Latest Version"

How To Redirect Whole Website to New Domain Without Losing Backlinks

Redirect entire Website to New DomainWhen you change domains, any old links that other people have made are likely to remain and very unlikely to be updated. You should ask for an update if you can but it will be a low priority on anyone's 'To Do' list. ...continue reading "Redirect Whole Website to New Domain"