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About This Website

Using WordPress

Building your website with WordPress can be Super-easy but can be overwhelming at first.

Beginners and old hands alike need help to set up and use their website, or sites.

Even if their website has been set up by a professional, people need help to continue to add content.

Once you know how to use it, there is often something you want to change or add, and you just can’t figure it out. It can be really frustrating at times - especially when you know you have done it before but can't remember the detail.

It's not always easy to formulate the right question either. We have discovered there are umpteen ways to word a question and lack of clarity can send you off track - or even result in finding nothing relevant. Wherever possible, we try to include the "also asked" questions, which may help with searching our site.

These tips are the result of questions that have come up and we aim to provide solutions.

What is WordPress?

Presumably, if you are looking for answers on How to Use WordPress, you already know that it is a software for building websites.

Brief Description: WordPress is a CMS which means Content Management System. It runs by using dynamically generated html pages from a database containing the data needed to populate the pages.

Other elements are contained in folders and files that may be stored in the same hosting account or elsewhere. Additional software can be used to enhance the functionality of the website.

Static web pages can be run alongside the wordpress pages and posts, so long as there is no naming conflict.

The Experts

Many answers are taken or adapted from the experts at WordPress Codex  itself, or from personal experience of my own and others, as well as extensive reading of other experts advice.

The Content

Tips and step-by-step instructions consist of Answers to Questions that have occurred while setting up new WordPress web-sites, making changes to existing web-sites, updating old sites or moving to a different hosting service.
We also have tips and answers to questions that arise while writing posts and pages, and adding all sorts of other content.
The problems people face are many and include design issues and functions needed.

In fact, there are a host of questions and we cannot hope to identify all of them. However, we have come across a great many over several years of using WordPress.

  • We have bookmarked answers and made notes of our own.
  • We have compared and tested conflicting answers
  • Discovered things that have changed.
  • We have even found awesome posts on improving content and getting people to visit and stay.

We write posts on how to do things and we Find and Provide Courses and Training. Some of our posts are collected links to pages on a subject or area of concern.

WordPress is used all over the world to make all kinds of websites - it's very versatile! And it's Powerful too. Using the right Themes and Plugins to suit what you hope to achieve will ensure you reach your goals as efficiently and quickly as possible.

I sincerely hope we will help to point you on the right Direction,  Solve your queries and Overcome difficulties so that you can Use WordPress with Confidence.