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Annoying things to overcome in WordPress

annoyingQuick Reference when working on a website

These are quick queries I sometimes have  because they don't come up all the time, so I forget how to fix them. I will add to the list when they occur - or turn this into a sub-category of Q&A. perhaps I should add each one as its own post...

To  Search your problem in Google™ or your search engine of choice: Usually  I just type the first words that come into my head. Try it yourself- alternative ways of saying the question might be suggested to get you more accurate answers, but beware - they can also set in on the wrong direction - or just more complicated than need be.

I called this 'Annoying things to overcome in WordPress'  because sometimes it seems that - It just wants to take over and prevents you from achieving the result you want! It could be there is is simple device already integrated so you just need a reminder - or you might need to be a bit 'hands on'. Here's an example.


Prevent insert from url in wordpress

It won't let you just have the full link typed but grabs the destination result and puts it in your post so it does this:

Prevent Automatic Link Insertion When Composing « Forums

15 Feb 2014 - 20 posts - ‎3 authors

when I wanted this:


Surround the text  you don't want formatted with html code:  <pre>words linked</pre>
You need to switch from Visual to Text Editor to do it. If you have a list of urls you can put the code just once at the beginning and end of the list, but put each url on a new line, like this:

adding the code before the first and after the last in your list <pre> url list </pre>, but it doesn't always work! You might have to replace slashes with this: &#47; So Annoying, but there is is. Just replacing the first slash might work...

Tip accentTIP: When you go to the Text tab you will be confronted with a whole lot of code and it can be hard to see where you wanted to paste your bit, even if you are familiar with html. I type a series of xxxxx in the visual tab first to make the position easier to spot,  and overwrite it with my code. This works for adding any code that needs to be added under the Text editor.

Reference for writing  this and Next Question: how to demonstrate html code in a wordpress post

of course, if you paste the full url and Make the link using the button in the visual editor, it will be used as the text! And here's the un-linked version:

Adding Quick Query links Here

Spellcheck query