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How important is the php version for wordpress?

prickly problem in php - Version dilemma
Prickly problem in php - Version 7 to update or not?

There are several things to consider if you are worried about the minimum requirements of the latest versions of wordpress and php version 7. ...continue reading "WordPress Php Version 7 – should you update?"

annoyingQuick Reference when working on a website

These are quick queries I sometimes have  because they don't come up all the time, so I forget how to fix them. I will add to the list when they occur - or turn this into a sub-category of Q&A. perhaps I should add each one as its own post...

...continue reading "Annoying things to overcome in WordPress"

get startedSecurity, Backup and a way for visitors to make contact are essential for every website, large or small. At the very least, make sure your wordpress site is covered from the beginning.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, There are hundreds of plugins ...continue reading "List of Free WordPress Plugins – Get started with these"

delete databaseYou might want to change your installation of wordpress so that you can re-install manually, or you just want to delete a website and start again. Either way, this is how to delete your wordpress files on Godaddy.

...continue reading "How to Delete a WordPress Site from Godaddy"

change default categorySet the Default Category

In your admin area in the left side bar menu,  navigate to Settings > Writing > and then look for the pull down menu beside 'Default Post Category.' and select your preferred  category. Don't forget to click 'Save Changes'
...continue reading "How To Set the Default Category in WordPress"

Install WordPress Manually or Automatically?

Reval Less
Hide details of your wordpress installation

Many hosts offer software to Install WordPress very quickly and simply.  You can do that and you will be up and running in no time.

However, I prefer to be in control of the installment process and install manually. ...continue reading "Installing WordPress – How To Be In Control"