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How to Delete a WordPress Site from Godaddy

delete databaseYou might want to change your installation of wordpress so that you can re-install manually, or you just want to delete a website and start again. Either way, this is how to delete your wordpress files on Godaddy.

Using a script for  the Automatic installation of wordpress can add unwanted files and configuration settings  in your version of wordpress. If you have a wordpress site that was installed using a convenient script,  you should consider re-installing manually for a clean version, to remove those default settings. You will have to import your existing content from a backup.

Other hosts may have similar methods but the app managers may be in different locations.

GoDaddy's application manager lets you easily install applications like WordPress. The application manager also makes it easy for you to uninstall applications, deleting the attached database and files. When you delete your WordPress files through GoDaddy, you'll still need to manually go in and delete the leftover folder

1. Sign in to your GoDaddy account, then click on "My Account." Click on "Launch" next to your Web hosting package to open your account control panel.

2. Click on "Install and Manage Applications." Click on "Manage my Applications."

3. Scroll down to the WordPress installation (listed by domain name) you want to delete. Click on "View and Manage Details."

4. Click on "Uninstall Application," and then check the box next to "Delete my Database" and "Delete my Files." Type "OK" into the verification box.

5. Click on "Uninstall." Wait a few minutes until WordPress no longer shows up in your application listing.

6. Click on "Home" then click on "FTP File Manager." Navigate to the directory WordPress was install in. Click on the leftover "WP-Content" folder, and then click "Delete."

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