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Easily insert photos and images into your WordPress posts

find image collectionsFinding images for your site can be a pain and there is always the danger of copyright infringement. This plugin makes it easy to find and use photos and images to use.

The plugin searches for creative commons images

  • Flickr – Over 200 million creative commons images. Attribution is automatically added where required.
  • Pixabay – More than 150,000 high quality public domain photos. No attribution required for any of them!

No need to leave your post to look for free images. The search box is right there when you are writing your post and images can be added with a click, either inserted in your post or as a featured image.

Tip: Changes will only be visible after you have saved your post

ImageInject is Free from

No need to buy expensive image packages - be warned, many of these include images from the very sources that are available to you for free.

This is a huge time-saver but if you can make your own images or have photos of your own, that is, of course, the very best solution. Your site will be unique and you will have no copyright problems.

Be aware that in some cases, public iconic buildings carry copyright restrictions!